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domingo, 20 de janeiro de 2013

In defense of a sacred ground, about 20 Indians from the Maracana Indigenous tribe, who are now living on the ground of the ruins of the Indian Museum, promise to fight to the end against the demolition of the property ordered by the State Governor Sergio Cabral.

The museum was built 150 years ago and is located near the famous Maracan stadium, one of the landmarks of Rio de Janeiro. 

To protect the Indians from lawsuits, the Public Defender Union contested the demolition arguing in court that the property presents no risk of collapse and that it does not interfere with the mobility of people during the Soccer World Cup, the main reason given by the government to remove the Indians from the building. 

The Shock Battalion of the Military Police stands outside waiting for the final decision to remove all members of the tribe from the site. 

The Indians have made a cultural center at the site and hope that the current situation will give visibility to tribal concerns. The Indians have reaffirmed that they will fight to the end to stay in the area saying that the Indian Museum is a historic building and it is where they want to live.

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