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domingo, 22 de novembro de 2015


As a result of the Obama Administration recent approach to Cuba, the Cuban community in Miami is into an inter community fights, between thus in favor of the new relations between Cuba and the United States and thus against it, to understand  why, we need to analyze the composition of the Cuban Exile community and how years of Castro control of Cuba has affected the Cubans in the United States.

The first Cubans to arrive in the US in the 1959 to 1961 where Cubans that were from the beginning against Castro and its Government, either because they supported the Government of Batista, where participant of the 1958 elections for President and Congress in Cuba, who never assumed their positions because Castro suspended the National Congress, and did not allow the elected new President Justo Luis del Pozo to assume his elected position, see despite everything that has been said about Batista, he like the Dictator in Chile, agreed to new elections, and despite the fact that he was called a Dictator, the National Congress before Castro had two bodies, a Senate and a Congressional site, and more than 21 parties participated in prior elections, so we had one strong man Batista and a very competitive Congress. So these first Cuban exiles amounted to maybe 30 to 50 thousand people, that were against the Revolution from day one.

After these first set of Cubans came in and after the failed bay of pigs invasions, the next set of Cubans were people disillusioned with the Revolution, simple put, they sought they were going to get a better Government and they got a worse dictator than they bargain for, this dictator dissolved the National Congress, created a Committee of Defense of the Revolution, to watch over everyone and jailed people left and right and during the first year of the takeover executed over 5000 people without a proper trail.

During the next 30 years the people that came could not talk to their families or friends in Cuba, because talking to them, means that they could go to jail for talking to the gusanos (worns as Castro called the people against the Revolution) or could lose their jobs or their college scholarships. So as a result people in Miami only care about Castro going down, and care much less about the situation of their friends and family in Cuba, since they were not in touch of them, because it was no good for their families for them to talk or simple because in the US, people have to work for living, and being worrying about a family or friend in Cuba that they could not talk to, was not in their cards.

Then came the fall of the Russian Empire, and the end of the subsidies to Cuba, no more free oil at the tune of 9 million tons per year, no free fighters planes, making Cuban Air Force the third largest in the Americas after USA and Canada, no more free Naval ships, making Cuban Navy the second largest at one point after the US, even thou Canada had probably better naval ships, Cuba more of them; No more Cuba biggest fishing fleet in the Americas; no more buses that did not work but Cuba did not have to pay for it; no more loans that they did not have to pay for it.  So what did Castro do, he decided that he could not milk the Russians and Easter European countries and some other dummies like England, Japan, Spain and France, he was going to milk the Cubans coming into the US, telling the Cubans in Cuba, tell your friends and families that now they can help you and no more problems, they are no longer gusanos, now they are the Cuban Diaspora in Exile, nice people that left looking for a better living.

So the third exile group became a force to be reckon with, people who came here looking for a better living, taken advantage of the Cuban Adjustment Act, but not caring that Castro was using them to keep the Revolution afloat, thanks to his 20% tax on the dollars that they send to Cuba to help their families. 
Immediately this third exile group, became the enemies of the first two groups, because it represent the people that are financing their sworn enemy Castro at a tune of 1200 million dollars per year. 

These new exiles have cousin, brothers, mothers and fathers that they wanted to help, they do not care about the 20% of the 20 dollars jeans that they were buying for 100, they only care about the fact that their dollars were helping their friends and family making a better life.

So it has taken awhile but after 20 to 30 years of a new exile group coming to our shores, all of a sudden these new group of Cubans also have political power, about 40% of them voted with Obama, they mostly register as Independent or Democrats, and they are in favor of things like Obamacare, because they are used to Government sponsor medical insurance and more government assistance.

So what do we have now, a right wing political group of Cubans against the Revolution from the beginning, others that develop a hate for the Revolution after it did not do what they wanted and the sons and daughters of these two groups of exiles trained to hate everything that the Democrats have to offer and to love anything that the Republican Party offers even if it is an stupid idea, and the new Cubans who may or may not agree with the old Cubans, but definite are not following the line or the instructions of the old Cuban community.

What is the solution, must of the old Cubans are 80 years old or older, so sooner or later they will be gone, while they have a very large followers compose of their son and daughters their grandkids are not following on their parents or grandparents footsteps, they are gradually becoming more independent, so sooner or later there will be a change on the election results and the 40% voting for changes on the Cuban American policies, will become 50 or maybe 60, is all a matter of time, because people change even if some do not want them to change.

About Castro, well he is losing too, he does not have the money to provide free education or even to guarantee a better future, people are no longer afraid of the Government, and things that you could not imaging 10 years ago, are happening, like a lady writing a paper that is more popular than the Gramma national newspaper. 

The good thing about life, is that life changes, nothing stay the same.

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