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terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2015


The Republican Party candidates are involved in a game of hate trying to become the Party nominee, they are trampling over each other insulting as many people as they can on the way to November.
The latest group to be muck was a New York Times Reporter with a physical impairment, when  Trump, the king of the insult parade, made fun of the awkward movements of someone that cannot control his arms.

Of course Hispanic were the biggest punching bag, with all candidates accusing them of all kinds of crimes and misdemeanors, including some that voted in favor of a solution to the country immigration crisis.
Right now the principal target of all of the Republican nominees is Islam, they are simple using the its religion as a punching bag, in order to win the election; ISIS must be happy as hell, showing videos of muslin hating Republicans to their hordes of new recruits, especially those video of Republicans calling for the USA starting to kill muslin families or a Christian President of a University calling for the arming of his students to kill muslins.

Is amazing how Republican think they can win a national election hating women, Hispanic, Asians, gays, lesbian, handicapped people and of course blacks, the poor, and senior citizens. They may need a course in basic mathematics in order to find out that if you add 2+2 the answer is not 5. Perhaps this is the perfect script for the next best seller: Campaign for Dummies.
It's clear that the US citizens hopes that future elections will be about issues and not hating, about solutions and not criticisms, about progress and not pessimism.

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